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Mineral Monday: Carnelian

For Mineral Monday, I try to switch things up so we’re covering stones with different colors, energies, and properties each week. We’ve covered green, blue, red, and brown so… on this week to orange! Carnelian is an orange to pinky/reddish-orange stone associated with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra connects to our desires and pleasures: […]

The Dreamer’s Journey oracle deck unboxing

Earlier this week, I got the Dreamer’s Journey oracle, by Allyson Williams Yee. She’s the creator of the Soul Trees deck that I love… which I’ve been using for the last week for #morningoracle draws on Instagram.

Her art has a simplicity to it, and she makes wonderful use of color. I’m not normally a […]

Mineral Monday: Blue Kyanite

Pale blue, ice-like blue kyanite is this week’s Mineral Monday pick.

True story: A month ago, I got laid off from my day job. I have not been unemployed since July 1996, so to say I was rattled is an understatement. The next day, I stopped by my local crystal shop to see who wanted […]

Herb gardening: location, location, location

If you garden, you’re well aware of the thought that goes into deciding where to plant something. Sun exposure, soil composition and drainage, bloom season, height relative to companion plantings, etc. If you’re thinking about working herb magic, plant placement around your property should also be on that list.

For example, why not create a border of […]

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Mineral Monday: Smoky Quartz

There are tons of different forms of quartz–colors, formations, markings, etc. While most people associate quartz with lighter colors, smoky quartz has darkness and depth sometimes lacking in other stones. Smoky quartz varies from pale gray and light brown to dark gray–even almost black. Like citrine, specimens sold as smoky quartz are sometimes artificially colored […]

Monday, April 11, 2016|Categories: Crystals & minerals|Tags: , , |

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6 ways to connect with a new tarot deck

When you get a new tarot or oracle deck, there’s this amazing sense of possibility. It’s kind of like going on a first date or meeting a new potential friend–many of the same questions apply. Will we have fun together? How deeply will we connect? Will this be a long-term relationship, or will the […]

Saturday, April 9, 2016|Categories: Tarot | oracle | cartomancy|Tags: |

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Spirit de la Lune oracle deck unboxing

I ordered the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck weeks ago, and had almost forgotten about it by the time it showed up in the mail.

Then I remembered that these cards are round, unlike any other deck I own. I’ve also been on an oracle deck binge and a moon kick lately, so I […]

Mineral Monday: Brecciated jasper

I love all the jaspers. But I could honestly talk about brecciated jasper all day long–it may very well be my favorite. I think a lot of jaspers are underestimated, possibly because there are so many of them that they seem common, and we tend to overlook the common in favor of the exotic. But when […]

Monday, April 4, 2016|Categories: Crystals & minerals|Tags: , , |

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Five reasons I am stoked for the 2016 Magickal Marketplace

Tomorrow at noon the 2016 Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire opens at the Courtyard Marriott in Nashua. It’s the largest event of its kind in New England, and I’m thrilled that it’s just a few miles from my house. Here are some of the reasons it’s so cool:

There are all kinds of awesome vendors. (Next […]

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