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Mineral Monday: Aragonite

Welcome to a new feature on the blog: Mineral Monday! Each week, we’ll explore a different mineral, crystal, or gem–we’ll cover where it’s from, some of its magickal and metaphysical properties, and ways you may want to work with this stone.

We’ll start with aragonite because hey, beginning of the alphabet, and also, I just […]

Monday, March 28, 2016|Categories: Crystals & minerals|Tags: , |

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Simple spring solstice magic

In addition to the big rituals and rites associated with the spring solstice, there are a number of small things we can do to infuse the magic of this time into our surroundings. It’s a time for renewal, resurrection, growth, and birth: think about the things you want to nurture and grow.
1. Repot all […]

Tuesday, March 22, 2016|Categories: Practical Magic|Tags: , , , |

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  • IMG_1444 Moon Phases Oracle

Moon Phases Oracle first look

I first saw the Moon Phases Oracle on Instagram (because apparently, that’s where I learn about new decks. Go, thriving tarot community!). It was sold out at the time, but then I saw that the deck would be included in the Sapphire Soul March box. I’d been thinking about signing up for the box […]

Scouting for stones at the Meriden Mineral Show

Yesterday I went to the annual jewelry, gem and mineral show hosted by the Lapidary & Mineral Society of Central Connecticut. Which just happens to be right down the street from my mom’s house.

I was hoping to find some crystals for the shop–I like to choose pieces in person, rather than online. While the wholesale connection […]

Sunday, March 6, 2016|Categories: Events|Tags: |

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The Lumina Tarot deck interview

Last night, I interviewed my Lumina deck to see how she wants to work together. The Lumina tarot deck interview revealed that… she wants to do client readings.

There are several different deck interview spreads I like; for this deck, I chose one Ethony shared a few months back.

Here’s how I typically work with new decks: I’ll […]